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We're a local club that wants to support other local clubs. So, in 2018, the 'Tour de Striders' was created to encourage members to take part in, and support local races that are hosted by other local clubs. 

Every year, the Committee chooses a variety of races hosted by local clubs throughout the year for Striders to take part in. These are the 'Eligible Races'. All Striders completing at least 5 of the Eligible Races will be able to proudly call themselves a Tour de Striders Finisher. 

All finishers are entered into a prize draw and two lucky winners will receive £50.00 of Made to Run vouchers. All finishers also receive an amazing Tour de Striders technical t-shirt, to show off their achievement. 

Most of the races we choose for the Tour de Striders are also eligible for the Merseyside Grandprix too (see below). So, those that choose wisely can work get points in both competitions with just one race!

Tour de Striders Rules:

1. To be eligible, participants must be. fully signed up and paid, first claim members of St Helens Striders, on or before the last race in the series. 

2. Participants must run at least 5 of the listed races to be eligible for prizes. 

3. Participants must race under their own details (i.e. name) as per England Athletics rules. 

4. A small contribution towards the cost of t-shirts my be required, dependant upon the number of finishers. 

Merseyside Grand Prix

The Merseyside Grand-prix is an inter-club competition between Merseyside running clubs. Each year, a number of locally held road races are selected as eligible races. We're proud participants in the Merseyside Grand Prix each year. 

All finishers are allocated points, based upon their finishing position. The highest scoring 4 women and 6 men's points will count towards the club's score for that race. The Club's final position in the competition will be decided based upon their total points from their 8 highest scoring races within the season. 

In the past, we've had amazing successes in the competition and had a wonderful time along the way.The Merseyside Grandprix is managed by the Merseyside County Athletic Association, which has its own website which can be found here.

2023 Events

Coaches Kelly and Dan

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