Strider of the Month


Each month the clubs coaches and run leaders nominate a member whose achievements that month have stood out. The following is taken into account when picking the winner – Encouraging others, running performances, promoting the club in a positive manner, helping other members, volunteering, attending training sessions and all-round effort.


Joe Wilson

June 2021


This month the award for Strider of the Month goes to Joe Wilson.


The June ‘Strider Of The Month’ award goes to Joe Wilson.
“He stepped up to A group and always has a smile on his face throughout hard training sessions”

“I don’t think he has missed a session, except being on holiday”

“He has a super positive attitude, humble and hard working and is really friendly with everyone too”


Well done Joe, keep up the hard work!


Name Photo
September 2021
August 2021Kev Brennan
July 2021Frank McAllister
June 2021Joe Wilson
May 2021Tom Chadwick
February 2020Rebecca McKenna
January 2020Peter Teeling
December 2019Rachael Fairclough
November 2019Nicky Donovan
November 2019Gary Eccleston
October 2019John Barr
September 2019Colllette Flaherty
September 2019Amanda Coogan
August 2019Joanne Jackson
July 2019Sharron Burt
June 2019Kane Green
June 2019Karen Mason
May 2019John Lingard
May 2019Brian Middleton
May 2019Frank McAllister
April 2019Ian Chisnall
March 2019Jackie Dobson
February 2019Kerry Riley
January 2019Katie Taggart
December 2018Rachael Fairclough
November 2018Susan Kerfoot
October 2018Matthew Parmenter
September 2018Colin Wilson
August 2018Daniel Cheetham
July 2018Hannah Whittaker
June 2018Bernard Graney
May 2018Joanne Mercer
April 2018Paul Dowdle
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