• Starting from the Sankey Valley Visitors Centre on the trail path.


  • Follow tarmac path along the Sankey Canal and under Carr Mill Bridge to the grass bank at the bottom of the overflow.


  • Take the trail up to the main path on the overflow and turn Left.


  • Follow the road towards the Toby Carvery and take the trail that goes behind the pub.


  • Follow this path with the Dam on your right all the way to the Arches Bridge, Do not go over the bridge but come to the end of the path and turn right onto Carr Mill Road.


  • Follow the road, which turns into track, past the houses until the path reaches the main tarmac (Carr Mill Road), turn right and head past in between the 2 farm houses and back into the field.


  • Stay on this wide trail until you come to a T-junction in the trails and turn right heading back into the woods.


  • Go over the metal bridge and turn right. Follow this winding trail that goes over 2 or 3 bridges where you see an alternative path; keep left this path will lead to the boat house.


  • Continue past the overflow and take the sharp left back towards Sankey Valley canal path.


  • Follow the path under Carr Mill bridge and take a sharp left across the metal bridge.


  • Go up the steep bridal path to the top field of Stanley Bank.


  • Follow this path into Stanley Bank Wood until you re-join the Sankey Valley canal path again near the water wheel.


  • Return to the visitor centre.


St Helens Striders