Each year the Striders who volunteer to marshal & organise the race do an amazing job.



We have a policy of no Striders to run the race so they can cheer everyone on to make it a special atmosphere.



This year one lucky Strider has the opportunity to run this amazing race.




All Striders who want to be considered to race will be asked to pay £2 (or multiples of £2 for more chances to win).  The lucky runner will then be drawn at random.  To enter, select the ‘Pay Now’ button below and donate £2 (or multiples of £2 for more chances to win) to the charity via Paypal.  We need to know who has entered and how much you’ve paid for the random draw so please DO NOT make anything anonymous!   All money goes to the St. Helens Carers Trust.


Good luck Striders!



Number of entries

St Helens Striders