Can I come down to try a session?

Let us know you intend to try a session, and we can take the necessary steps to make sure you come down on a suitable evening.

Can I come down to train with St Helens Striders if I am a beginner?

We do not have a beginners group at the present and most of our sessions are at least 5 miles in distance for all groups. If you cannot comfortably run around 4 miles continuously then you may find it difficult to enjoy our sessions, and we want you to enjoy them. If you are a complete novice or just trying to get your mileage up there are a number of beginners and improvers groups across St Helens who can get you up to 5km distance. There is also the NHS Couch to 5k programme which many of our members have used. And don’t forget your local Parkrun, a free, times 5km run every Saturday at Victoria Park.

What information do you need?

Before you come down to run with St Helens Striders we need you to fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and get a few contact details from you. Please contact us here and someone will get in contact and send you a link to the form.

How much will it cost me to join?

We always say come down and try out a few sessions first (free of charge). Should you decide you want to join, then you will be required to pay a membership fee (current fee is £33 for the year). Joining the Striders means that you are given membership to the English Athletics Association which gives discounts on race entry fees.

How do I join or renew my membership?

We suggest you come down to the club for a few weeks to check if you enjoy the sessions and that it fits into your work / life balance. Once you’re happy to officially join us, we’ll send you an online membership form to complete.

Current membership fees

First claim member full year – £33

Second claim member full year – £10

St Helens Striders