Mental Health & Welfare

Roles and Responsibilities

We believe the mental health and welfare roles bring an improved feeling of wellbeing within the club and also give some guidance as to where to look and who to get in touch with if they feel they need some help or information or even if they just want a friendly chat.

Welfare Officers

Rachel Tickle & John Barr

The primary role of the welfare officers is to support the club in building a culture where members feel welcome, safe, included and supported.

We are here to help and support in any way we can should you have any issues with the club, or member thereof.  We are also members of the committee and monitor the management of the club to try to ensure inclusion for every member.

Mental Health Champions

Mental Health Champions are a network of volunteers in England Athletics affiliated clubs and RunTogether groups promoting mental wellbeing through running and supporting the aims of #RunAndTalk.

The Mental Health Champions for St Helens Striders are:

  • Garry Humphries
  • Jackie Ellis
  • Jenny Appleton
  • Shelley Townley

The #RunAndTalk programme is an England Athletics initiative supported by Mind, the mental health charity, which aims to improve mental health through running.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Get people talking about mental health, share their experiences and remove stigma
  • Provide support and guidance to raise awareness of mental health problems
  • Support people experiencing mental health problems to be physically active through running, whether that is to support them in starting, returning to or continuing to run 

Members Representative

John Barr

This is an ongoing role within the club, to give the members a direct line to the committee and broad expanse of the club and members.  Any ideas, comments, complaints, issues in fact anything that you want to share with the committee or questions you want answering that’s what the Members Rep is there to do.  Then relay and reply back to the individual or group concerned.

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