Strider Awards

Jim Crehan Memorial Trophy 

This award acknowledges the Strider who has made an outstanding contribution to any or all aspects of the club over the years.  The recipient is selected by the committee.

Tom Towie Strider of the Year

This award acknowledges the Strider who has made a notable contribution to the club or members over the past year. The winner will be decided by secret ballot by members. Voters should consider things such as: – helping new comers, dedication and improved performance, motivating and supporting other Striders, overcoming a personal challenge, helping promote or improve the club in some way. It is entirely up to members who they vote for and why.

New Strider of the Year 

As with Strider of the Year this allows our newer members to shine amongst the more well known and ‘older’ faces.

Most Improved

This recognises a Strider who has achieved a significant personal achievement. The area of achievement is varied and is voted for by our Run Leaders and members of the committee.

Most ImprovedMaleTony Dagnall
Most ImprovedFemaleBrenda Cahill
New Strider of the YearCombinedDan Merrick
New Strider of the YearCombinedGareth Davies
Tom Towey Strider of the YearCombinedJo Herriott
Tom Towey Strider of the YearCombinedKieran Allen
Jim Crehan Memorial TrophyCombinedLes Abbott
Spirit of Striders - ACombinedJohn Cahill
Spirit of Striders - B1CombinedJason Mather
Spirit of Striders - B2CombinedAndy Scott
Spirit of Striders - CCombinedJo Moss

Most ImprovedMaleGary Eccleston
Most ImprovedFemaleLisa Glover
New Strider of the YearCombinedJohn Barr
Tom Towey Strider of the YearCombinedKelly Hamilton
Jim Crehan Memorial TrophyCombinedBrian Middleton

Most ImprovedMaleJon-Jo Doherty
Most ImprovedFemaleSian Maguire
Strider of the YearCombinedKelly Hamilton
Rachel Tickle
New Strider of the YearCombinedNigel Herbert
Jim Crehan Memorial TrophyCombinedRachael Fairclough

Most ImprovedMaleScott Robertson
Most ImprovedFemaleKerry Riley
Strider of the YearCombinedRichard Seville
New Strider of the YearCombinedIan Floyd
Jim Crehan Memorial TrophyCombinedFrank McAllister

Most ImprovedCombinedPeter Fairclough
For notable improvements across all distances
Strider of the YearCombinedIan Wright
For his commitment to coaching and helping others improve
New Strider of the YearCombinedMarie Chesworth
Newer member who shines amongst the more well known and ‘older’ faces.

Most ImprovedMaleScott Robertson
The other candidates on the short list were Jason Jones and Ben Lawrenson.
Most ImprovedFemaleAimee Hill & Carol Foster
Two ladies received the same number of votes, both were worthy winners and a second trophy was awarded. The other candidate on the short list was Georgie Warner.
Strider of the YearCombinedAmanda Coogan
Although there are many who have contributed a so much this year, Amanda was the clear winner, having been so inspirational to us all throughout the year. Amanda spoke at the presentation and her warm words were much appreciated.
New Strider of the YearCombinedRachel Tickle
Whilst training for her first marathon, Rachel involved herself with supporting the club and other members. She took on being a House Middleton Captain, supported our beer festival, collecting the entrance fees and recently organised the House Race Night.

Most ImprovedMaleChris Reid
Due to his fantastic improvements over the Marathon distance and a number of podium placings in the vet categories at international races.
Most ImprovedFemaleGill Lee
Due to fantastic performances over the Marathon distance in the Year and for getting a PB in nearly every distance. Well done Gill!
Strider of the YearCombinedVictoria Kehoe
Most of the reasons related to Vicky’s sunny disposition, her warm & friendly approach to all club members, her super organisation skills for events and extra-curricular activities and for taking on the task of coordinating the yoga sessions. A real trooper!
New Strider of the YearCombinedEmily Curbishley
Most of the reasons related to Emily’s determination to push herself and to improve. Emily has pushed herself hard to move from Group C to Group B and she is being rewarded by running faster and longer. She has also thrown herself into a whole range of new running and racing experiences.

Most ImprovedCombinedRachael Fishwick
Rachael has reduced her Grand prix time substantially this year by over 15 minutes, alongside improving her 5km time.
Strider of the YearCombinedGarry Spriggs
Whether it is a club run or social run Gary always looks out for those at the back and will happily run with you. He has loads of helpful advice to give out on anything from training to kit. I am also amazed by his ultra achievements and boundless energy. Kind, Inspirational and a fabulous runner !
New Strider of the YearCombinedChris Falls
Chris has thrown himself into Strider life and has represented the club in many races across the area.

Most ImprovedCombinedDavid Navis
David knocked about 20 minutes off his 2nd marathon which is an honourable achievement. Well done David!
Strider of the YearCombinedPaddy Lee
For excellent club support at many races, far and wide. Not forgetting his role as ‘unofficial’ club photographer! Special thanks goes to Gill Lee who is nearly always at his side.

Most ImprovedCombinedCharley Ward
A fabulous marathon debut in Liverpool 2011, followed by a PB at Lancaster Half marathon. Well done Charley!
Strider of the YearCombinedMike Brunt
For supporting new members and welcoming them into the club

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