Club honours


Merseyside Cross Country ChampionshipsMens team5th place
Kelly Hamilton7th place (selected for county)
Rachael Fairclough13th place (selected for county)
Northern Athletic Road RelaysTeam A ladies
22nd place
Team B ladies35th place
Team C ladies43rd place
Merseyside Grand-PrixMens Team5th place
Ladies team2nd place
Kelly Hamilton2nd place
Hannah Whittaker4th place
Wendy Davies1st v40
Sue Heaps1st v55
Eric Ranson2nd v45
Frank Cahill3rd v60


Merseyside Cross Country ChampionshipsMens team9th place
Ladies team7th place
North West Sunday Cross Country leagueMens team11th place
Ladies team5th place (joint)
Northern Athletic Road RelaysLadies team3rd place
North West Road RelaysLadies team2nd place
Kelly Hamilton, Emma Callery and Rachael Fairclough
Merseyside Grand PrixMens team5th place
Ladies team3rd place
Wendy Davies1st v40
Sue Heaps1st v50
Scott Robinson1st v40
Eric Ranson3rd v45
Tony Dagnall2nd v60


Forest Park Ladies 5kmLadies team1st, 3rd, 6th and 11th
Merseyside Grand PrixLadies team2nd place
Eric Ranson1st v45
Jeanette Fisher1st v40
Sue Heaps1st v50
North West Road RelaysMens team14th place
Ladies team5th place


North West Cross Country LeagueMens team11th place
Ladies team9th place
Merseyside Grand PrixKevin Brennan3rd place
Rachael Fairclough2nd place
Paul Demore1st v45
Pauline Horsfall1st v55
Ladies team2nd place


Merseyside Grand PrixMens team4th place
Ladies team4th place
Rebecca McKenna1st v35
Kevin Brennan1st v45
Merseyvend 5km Grand PrixLadies team2nd place
Rachael Fishwick2nd place
Pauline Horsfall1st v55


Merseyvend 5km Grand PrixLadies team1st place
Rachael Fishwick1st place
April Morgan3rd place
Pauline Horsfall4th place
Merseyside Grand PrixPauline Horsfall1st v55
Danny Fegan1st v45
St Helens Striders