Tour De Striders

This competition was introduced in 2018. It’s aim is to encourage members to attend and support local races, which are selected by the incumbent committee at the beginning of the year. There are a total of 7 available races.  Members who complete at least 5 of the 7 races are eligible for the main prize at the end of the year.  The prize is £100 worth of vouchers for ‘The Endurance Store’ or ‘Made to Run’.  The winner will be drawn at random in the case that there are multiple members who have completed 5 or more of the 7.

Tour De Striders


  • To be eligible participants must be a fully signed up and paid first claim member of St Helens Striders on or before the last race in the series.
  • Participants must run at least 5 of the 7 listed races to be eligible for the main prize.
  • Participants must race under their own details (i.e. name) as per England Athletics rules.

Race list for 2019

Parbold Hill6.75 miles16th February£8
St Helens 10k10k10th March£22YesYesYes
Southport Half13.1 miles30th June£26YesYes
Walton or Sefton *5 milesMay or July (TBC)TBCYesYesYes
The Dream Trail **5k or 10kSeptember (TBC)TBCYesYes
Kirkby Safari10 milesOctober (TBC)TBCYesYes
Halewood ***5kFirst Sat of each monthFreeYes (Sept)YesYes


‘* Walton 5m/Sefton 5m – either or both can be run, but only 1 credit towards overall race total.

‘** The Dream Trail 5k/10k – either or both can be run, but only 1 credit towards overall race total.

‘*** Any Halewood 5k race from Jan 2019 up to (and including) October 2019 is eligible.  Only Septembers race is eligible for the Merseyside GP.

Current races completed

NameParbold Hill RaceSt. Helens 10kSouthport Half MarathonSefton 5m or Walton 5mDream 5k / 10kKirkby Milers Safari 10mHalewood 5k (any month)TOTAL COMPLETED (to date)
Adrian PridgeonYesYesYes (W)3
Alex AbbottYes1
Amanda CooganYes1
Andrew DonnellyYes1
Andrew LawrensonYesYesYesYes4
Andrew ShawYesYes2
Angela CropperYes1
Angela JonesYesYes2
Anthony CheersYes1
Anthony EllisYesYesYesYes (W) Yes (S)4
Anthony HorsfallYesYesYes (S)3
Ben LawrensonYes1
Bernard GraneyYes1
Brenda CahillYesYes (W) Yes (S)YesYes4
Brian DaviesYes1
Brian MiddletonYes (S)Yes2
Cherryl OrrickYesYes (S)2
Chris HazeldineYesYesYesYes (S)4
Chris LevyYes1
Chris ReidYes1
Christine HumphreyYesYesYes (S)YesYes5
Claire ScottYes1
Clare PickavanceYes1
Colin WilsonYesYes (W)2
Craig WhittakerYesYes (W)2
Daniel CheethamYesYes (S)Yes3
Daniel TetlowYesYes2
Danny FeganYes (W)1
Darren EcclesYesYes2
Darren EckersleyYesYesYesYes4
David BriscoYesYes2
David BaileyYes1
David LynchYes1
David WilsonYesYes2
Elaine AhearnYes1
Elaine ParryYesYes2
Emma CalleryYesYes2
Eric RansonYesYesYesYes (W) Yes (S)YesYes6
Elizabeth PhillipsonYes1
Frank CahillYesYesYes (W)Yes4
Gemma AdenYesYesYesYes (S)Yes5
Gemma FinnanYes1
Gemma HarknessYes1
Gerry ShawYes1
Graham JonesYes1
Hannah WhittakerYes1
Ian BarkerYes1
Ian BurtYesYesYesYes4
Ian ChisnallYes1
Ian SpencerYes1
Jackie DobsonYesYes (S)Yes3
Jackie EllisYesYes (S)YesYes4
Jade BoothYesYes2
James McCarthyYes1
Jane MarshallYes1
Janet HolmesYes1
Jeff WilsonYes1
Jennifer MartinYesYes (W)2
Jenny AppletonYes1
Jo HerriottYes1
Joanne JacksonYesYesYesYes4
Joanne KeoghYesYesYes3
Joanne MercerYesYesYes (W) Yes(S)YesYes5
John BarrYesYesYes (W) Yes (S)YesYes5
John JacksonYes1
Jonathan KirkmanYes1
Jon-Jo DohertyYes1
John WilliamsYesYesYes (S)3
Joe WeaverYesYes2
Justin SmithYes1
Karl BowlesYesYes2
Katie TaggartYes1
Kelly HamiltonYes (S)1
Kerry PridgeonYesYes (W)2
Kerry RileyYes1
Kevin BrennanYesYes2
Kevin CairnsYes1
Kevin OuttenYes1
Kieran AllenYesYes2
Kylie BarlowYesYes (W) Yes (S)Yes3
Laura CarterYes1
Leanne BaileyYes1
Lee BrownbillYes1
Lesley McGrailYes1
Linsey CheethamYes1
Lisa CheersYesYes2
Mark RileyYes (S)Yes2
Martin BallardYesYes (S)2
Michael BruntYesYesYes3
Mark FillinghamYesYesYesYes (W) Yes (S)YesYes6
Mark HamiltonYesYes (S)2
Michael SmithYes1
Mike CoxYes1
Nigel HerbertYes1
Patrick DaveyYes1
Paul BoothYes1
Paul CarrYes1
Paul DowdleYesYesYes (S)3
Paul HargateYesYes2
Paul HowardYesYes (W)2
Pauline HorsfallYesYes (S)2
Peter BennettYes1
Peter FaircloughYes (S)Yes2
Peter MedlicottYesYesYes3
Peter TeelingYesYesYes (W)3
Philip LawrensonYesYesYes3
Rachael FaircloughYesYesYes (S)Yes4
Rachel TickleYesYesYes (W)3
Rebecca McKennnaYes1
Rick RoweYes1
Richard SevilleYesYes2
Samantha AshtonYes1
Sarah BowlesYes1
Sarah CharltonYes1
Scott BarlowYes1
Sharon OconnellYesYesYes (S)Yes4
Sharron BurtYesYesYes3
Sharon SwiftYesYesYesYes (W) Yes (S)Yes5
Shelley TownleyYesYes2
Sian MaguireYes (S)Yes2
Solange HillYes1
Stephen GranvilleYes1
Steve WrightYes1
Sue HeapsYesYes (W) Yes (S)2
Susan KerfootYes1
Tami Garvey-JonesYes1
Thomas ChadwickYesYesYes3
Tony DagnallYesYesYes (S)Yes4
Tony PadmoreYes (S)1
Vera LangleyYesYes2
Wendy DaviesYes (S)Yes2
Zoe FillinghamYesYesYesYes (W) Yes (S)YesYes6


Race list for 2018

Parbold Hill Race

St Helens 10k

Wigan trail 10k

Crazy Cow 10k

Griffin Grind 5m

Wigan 10k

Dream trail race (5k or 10k eligible)

Current races completed

NameParbold HillSt Helens 10kWigan TrailCrazy CowGriffin GrindDream TrailWigan 10kTOTAL COMPLETED (to date)
Adele CrawfordYes1
Adrian PridgeonYesYesYesYesYes5
Alex AbbottYes1
Amanda CooganYesYes2
Angela JonesYesYes2
Ann JohnsonYesYesYesYesYes5
Anthony EllisYesYesYesYes4
Anthony HorsfallYes1
Antony CheersYes1
Antony YoungYes1
Ben LawrensonYes1
Bernard GraneyYes1
Cherryl OrrickYesYesYes3
Chris ReidYes1
Christine HumphreyYesYesYes3
Claire KingYes1
Clare PickavanceYes1
Colin WilsonYes1
Daniel CheethamYesYesYesYes4
Daniel MerrickYes1
Daniel TetlowYesYesYes3
Darren EcclesYesYesYes3
Dave BriscoYesYesYesYes4
David WilsonYesYes2
David WimpennyYesYes2
Dom RowanYes1
Elaine ParryYesYes2
Elizabeth PhillipsonYes1
Emma CalleryYes1
Eric RansonYesYesYes3
Frank CahillYesYesYesYesYes5
Gary EcclestonYes1
Gillian KellyYesYes2
Hannah WhittakerYes1
Ian BarkerYes1
Ian ChisnallYes1
Ian FloydYesYes2
Ian SpencerYesYesYesYesYes5
Ian WrightYesYes2
Jackie DobsonYesYes2
Jane MarshallYes1
Janet DaviesYes1
Jennifer MartinYesYesYes3
Jenny AppletonYes1
Joanne JacksonYesYesYesYes4
Joanne KeoghYesYesYes3
Joanne MercerYesYesYesYesYes5
John LingardYesYesYes3
Jon DobsonYesYesYes3
Jonathan KirkmanYes1
Jon-Jo DohertyYesYesYesYes4
Kane GreenYes1
Katharine TaggartYes1
Kelly HamiltonYesYesYes3
Kerry RileyYes1
Kev OuttenYes1
Kevin BrennanYes1
Kevin CairnsYesYesYes3
Kevin WinstanleyYesYesYes3
Kylie MaguireYes1
Laura CarterYesYes2
Laura EdmundsonYesYesYes3
Lisa CheersYes1
Lisa GloverYesYes2
Lizzie KellyYesYes2
Lynda ButchardYes1
Marie ChesworthYesYes2
Mark FillinghamYesYesYesYesYesYes6
Mark HamiltonYesYesYes3
Mark RileyYes1
Martin BallardYesYesYes3
Martin FarrarYes1
Michael BruntYesYesYesYes4
Neil HunterYesYes2
Nick PostillYesYes2
Nicola DonovanYes1
Nicola EdmundsonYesYes2
Nicola HowarthYesYes2
Patrick DaveyYes1
Paul BoothYes1
Paul BrownYes1
Paul BurdettYes1
Paul DemoreYes1
Paul DowdleYesYes2
Paul HargateYes1
Peter BennettYes1
Peter FaircloughYes1
Peter MedlicottYes1
Peter MovilleYes1
Peter TeelingYesYesYes3
Rachael FaircloughYesYes2
Rachel TickleYesYes2
Rebecca McKennaYesYes2
Richard SevilleYes1
Rick RoweYes1
Samantha AshtonYes1
Sarah BowlesYes1
Sarah CharltonYesYesYesYesYes5
Sean AhearnYesYes2
Shaun PhoenixYes1
Sharon OconnellYesYesYes3
Shelley HughesYes1
Sian MaguireYes1
Steven BuckleyYes1
Sue HeapsYesYes2
Susan KerfootYesYesYes3
Tami Garvey-JonesYes1
Tammy GallagherYesYes2
Thomas HoughtonYes1
Tony DagnallYesYes2
Victoria KehoeYes1
Zoe FillinghamYesYesYesYesYes5

St Helens Striders