Strider Handicaps Explained


Each year St Helens Striders hosts a number of internal club competitions including the Grand Prix, Mini Prix, Summer Handicap series and Christmas Handicap race.
Prizes will be awarded at the St Helens Striders Presentation event later in the year.


Summer Handicap Race Series 

The Summer Handicap comprises a series of 6 races held between March and September.


This year due to growth in the number of club members the Ladies’ and Men’s race may be held on separate nights. Races will be held towards the end of the Month (typically the last Monday and Wednesday) but check the training plan for dates and locations. A training session will be held for the other group on the race night but if anyone can help marshall/time it would be much appreciated by Frank – perfect if you are recovering from a weekend race or from a bothersome injury!


Races are typically around 2-3 miles long. Depending upon ability and past results, competitors start each race at different time intervals (handicapped) i.e. faster runners are set of later (much later in some cases) than the slower runners. Runners are awarded points for their finishing positions – 1 point for first, 2 points for second, 3 points for third, etc., up to a maximum of 10 points for tenth, higher than tenth and non-attendance is also awarded 10 points. Each competitor’s 4 best runs, ie. 4 lowest scores are added together to determine a total. Anyone in principle can win each race – as Frank says it’s just a case of how much you want it!!!


The overall winner is the one with the lowest total from their best 4 races. The winner will receive a marvellous trophy at the end of year at the annual Striders Awards Ceremony!



Christmas Handicap 

The Christmas Handicap comprises 1 races held in December.
The race is typically around 2-3 miles long. Competitors start in groups of mixed ability but the race is still handicapped. Fancy dress is optional.  Frank then goes away to do some magic with a calculator and a wand to determine who has won the coveted award.

Check out our Handicaps gallery 🙂

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